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Jan 11, 2010:
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Summary of the Impact of Hadhrat Shaykh Asif Hussain Farooqui’s Teaching:

Over the last 35 years, Hadhrat Shaykh Asif Hussain Farooqui daamat barakatuhum has made a significant contribution to the UK community through his teaching of the highest standards of social conduct. His teachings cover many areas, including:

Upbringing of Children
The importance of giving time, love and care to one’s children; respect for parents and elders is a key theme.


The importance of a good education and of undertaking a career, of being a successful professional and contributing to society as a whole is highly stressed.

Financial Matters
The importance of earning a living and not claiming benefits unless absolutely necessary, and certainly not dishonestly; the absolute requirement of declaring all taxes; these topics are frequently dealt with in his talks.

He elucidates the golden rules of a successful marriage and how to resolve disputes without resorting to divorce.

Self Harm

He highlights the dangers of drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, and explains how to avoid them.

Good Manners
A recurrent theme emphasizes being a good neighbour, helping people in need, making a positive contribution to society.

In short, Hadhrat Shaykh Asif Hussain Farooqui daamat barakatuhum is a highly respected and eminent member of the Muslim community, whose personal example and teachings have always reflected the peaceful, law-abiding essence of Islam. He has had a profound influence in promoting harmonious community relations over many years.