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Jan 11, 2010:
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Method of the Naqshbandi Meditation or Dhikr taught by Hadhrat Shaykh Hussain Farooqui daamat barakatuhum

There are three methods of Dhikr in the Naqshbandi school that Hadhrat Shaykh Asif Hussain Farooqui daamat barakatuhum teaches: the first involves focusing one’s attention on the heart, and imagining the heart reciting the Name ‘Allah, Allah’ repeatedly. This is counted on prayer beads to a set number. The second is silent meditation or reflection on the bounties of Allah; and the third involves quiet recitation, in congregation, of key prayers and verses from the Qur’an (Khatme-Khwajagan), led by the Shaykh himself.

Detailed Description of Dhikr of the Heart

The way to do Dhikr Ism-e-Dhaat is to place one's tongue against the pallet, and then to empty the mind of all thoughts and worries. One then puts one's attention on the heart, which is located a couple of finger widths below the left nipple. And then, with the tongue of the heart, not vocally, and with no movement of the lips, one recites, 'Allah, Allah…..', keeping in mind the meaning of this, namely, 'I am remembering Allah who is perfect in every manner and is free of any faults; and it is Him in whom we have Faith.' One should always be engaged in this type of Dhikr so that the heart can be continually busy in this.

All the while the eyes must remain closed. Imagine that by the light of this Name of the Essence of Allah, the rust, darkness, evil thoughts and selfish insinuations are being removed and that, in gratitude for this, your heart in its own place is saying "Allah! Allah! Allah!" And that due to this cascade of light, your entire heart is becoming happy, blessed, illuminated, and in grace, because you are remembering your true object of desire and on your way to meet Him.

In this manner, every day without fail, on two occasions take time to spend twenty or thirty minutes in silent remembrance, using the beads to reckon to ten thousand. For a like amount of time meditate silently and await blessing.